Welcome to E-Control Systems

Welcome to E-Control Systems

Jan 03, 2013


Welcome to the new and improved E-Control Systems website, where you will find all of your wireless temperature monitoring solutions for Food Service, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Refrigerated Trucks/Transportation Industries. Please check the blog often for all of the latest news in these industries, as well as for updates on all of our innovative solutions.

E-Control Systems is the industry leader in complete wireless solutions for Healthcare, Food Service, Life Sciences, and Transportation Industries. The system is designed to meet strict regulatory compliance including The Joint Commission, HACCP, AABB, GLP/GMP, FCC, and FDA. It can be custom tailored to suit all needs. With thousands of installations of the IntelliSense™ and IntelliCheck™ wireless solutions, and FusionLive™ software, E-Control Systems provides any facility with a comprehensive system for monitoring the entire operation.


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