Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Life Sciences Air Freight

Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Life Sciences Air Freight

Aug 05, 2015

With regulatory compliance for temperature monitoring becoming more strict, DHL has introduced an air freight service specifically designed for temperature sensitive life sciences products, called DHL Thermonet.

DHL Thermonet provides a stable GDP compliant cold chain solution by offering proactive monitoring and intervention 24/7, at every stage of the shipping process. With the global market for pharmaceuticals reaching over 1 trillion dollars in sales, and temperature-sensitive products making up a quarter of these sales, DHL has filled the gap with a one-stop solution for temperature monitoring of products, while in transit via air freight. All flights are operated by DHL, giving them full control of the entire cold chain handling process, from picking up the product, to warehouse handling, to loading of the aircraft, and delivery to the final destination. No third parties will be used in the process.

DHL Thermonet sensors will be placed on a package and monitor the ambient temperature of the shipment from the time DHL receives it until it reaches its final destination. Dedicated Life Sciences customer service teams will track shipments 24/7 as the shipment passes through 17 touch points. At each touch point, shipment statuses are recorded and accessible by the end-user through DHL’s software platform, called LifeTrack. LifeTrack, tailored specifically to the life sciences, will allow end-users to follow the shipment every step of the way.The software links SOP, temperature data, and in-transit shipment information.

DHL Certified Life Sciences specialists take care of the cold chain shipment around the clock and can proactively monitor the movements and conditions of the shipment and intervene, should shipment conditions change.


Temperature monitoring should not cease once the products are delivered to their final destination. E-Control Systems can assist you with all of your daily wireless temperature monitoring needs. With sensors to monitor ultra low temperature freezers (ULT), 4 °C Refrigerators, -20 °C Freezers, Liquid Nitrogen Tanks (LN2), Differential Pressure, Clean Room (temp/humidity), Main Power Interruption (on/off), E-Control Systems can automate your record keeping and alerting requirements.

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