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USDA ‘FoodKeeper’ App: A Smart Tool for Food Storage

How annoying is it when we go to our refrigerator or pantry and find out that food we were hoping to consume has gone bad? The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, along with Cornell University and the Food Marketing Institute has come up with a gr…

Food Safety During Power Outages

Knowing what to do with the food in your refrigerator and freezer during a power outage, can help you stay healthy, as well as avoid costly product loss. We’ve compiled a few tips for you based on suggestions from the FDA.

Temperature Monitoring 101 : What to look for in a Temperature Monitoring System

With FDA regulations becoming more strict, it’s vital that school food service departments have a reliable temperature monitoring system. The question becomes what to look for when choosing the perfect temperature monitoring system? Obviously, a good …
s vital that school food service departments have a reliable temperature moni http://econtrolsystems.com/about-us/latest-news/2015/09/temperature-monitoring-101-what-look-temperature-monitoring-system

Farmer's Market Food Safety

With so many farmer’s markets all across the country giving consumers access to locally-grown fresh fruit, vegetables, and other grocery products, it is important to make sure you know a few things, to make sure that the food you purchase is safe.

Foodservice Tools for Food Safety

Your Foodservice operation should get recognition for quality of food and service, and not for lack of food safety and cleanliness. While this is an obvious statement and everyone strives to achieve quality and safety, there are certain tools that can ma…

Thanksgiving Food Safety

With Thanksgiving Coming up, make sure to follow the suggestions below to have a safe and enjoyable holiday. When buying a turkey, it’s important to differentiate between a fresh turkey and a frozen turkey. If you plan on serving a fresh turkey, make s…

Choosing a Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Did you experience a failed cabinet and lose expensive inventory over the holidays? Was your staff forced to make daily trips to various locations, so they could manually record the temperatures of your cabinets? These are things that you don’t have to …

Temperature Monitoring - Time is of the Essence

When monitoring the temperatures of equipment and food products in your operation, time is an important factor in ensuring food safety. The FDA specifies how long food is considered to be in the “safe zone.” You should have a HACCP plan in place that w…

Temperature Monitoring in the Cloud

With cloud storage becoming the main source of data backup, it is vital that your temperature monitoring data also be stored in the cloud. Imagine if your server crashes. Do you have a backup of all of your temperature monitoring data, in case of a …

Flour-Linked E.Coli Outbreak – Avoid with Temperature Monitoring

General Mills recalled 10 million pounds of flour due to an E. Coli outbreak that the CDC confirmed was linked to General Mills flour. So far there have been 38 people in 20 states that have been confirmed infected as part of this E. Coli outbreak. If y…