BlogTemperature and Humidity Monitoring Compliance in Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals


Hospital environments require secure, 24/7 monitoring to maintain drugs, vaccines, blood/tissues, and critical medical equipment within specified temperature and humidity ranges. Environmental controls are critical for maintaining drug safety and efficacy. Humidity measurement can be especially challenging and important in surgical rooms, neonatal, and drug compounding areas.

There is no single regulator for hospitals and clinical environments. Usually there are multiple state regulators and agencies that make recommendations. It is important to know what regulations apply to your facility, and implement a remote temperature monitoring system to make sure these regulations are met.

44% of hospitals and healthcare facilities do not have a temperature monitoring system in place.

E-Control Systems (ECS) offers a complete wireless temperature monitoring solution for the healthcare industry. Our fully automated enterprise-wide solution makes it easy to monitor your entire healthcare operation, so that you can focus on patient care, instead of manually logging critical data that is needed to comply with many standards, including: The Joint Commission, AABB, GMP, FCC, Vaccines for Children (VFC), and FDA. NIST Traceable Calibration and re-calibration is available directly from the factory, or on-site.

Keeping precise temperatures and other parameters is the only way to ensure the efficacy of the vaccine.  ECS has been working with vaccine manufacturers and the CDC over the years and our software has built in analytics to analyze all the necessary parameters to determine if vaccine efficacy has been affected throughout the entire cold chain: from distribution, through travel, to delivery, and up until the point of administration of the vaccine.

With ECS, you have the flexibility to monitor a wide array of items based on your custom applications, including but not limited to:

  • Pharmacy
  • Blood Bank
  • Plasma Bank
  • Laboratory
  • Operating Room
  • Isolation Room
  • IT Room
  • Emergency Room
  • Radiology
  • Nurses’ Stations
  • Nutrition Services

For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your medical facility take a look at our Healthcare solutions.

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