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E-Control Systems, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is a privately held corporation headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California. With Over 5,000 Installs throughout the country, E-Control Systems is the industry leader in wireless temperature monitoring solutions.

Inspired by a growing need for more sophisticated monitoring of temperature and other critical points, E-Control Systems, Inc. has evolved into a full-service industrial and commercial application monitoring solution provider. Our solutions have been driven by ever-changing market needs and increasing regulatory requirements related to monitoring of food, drugs, manufacturing processes and controls (including HACCP, The Joint Commission, AABB, GLP/GMP, FCC, and FDA).

Our solutions include monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2, Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (ULT), Liquid Nitrogen Tanks (LN2), compressor runtime, refrigerant leaks, dishwasher final rinse, differential pressure, power interruption, and more. Our team of engineers designed and developed every component of our system: from hardware, firmware, to our FusionLive™ Software. We create custom solutions for our customers, and update our software with their recommendations. Having designed the software and hardware to be fully integrated and work together gives E-Control Systems will handle all of your monitoring needs.

E-Control Systems offers a turnkey solution which that guarantees that valuable data will be transmitting to the customers’ network, before our installer leaves the site.

E-Control Systems Features

What makes E-Control Systems stand out? Our sensors and intelligates can monitor any aspect of your business 24/7.


Cell Phone Alerts:

Receive Real-time alerts right on your cell phone, should any of your temperatures fall out of range, thus giving you an opportunity to avoid costly product loss.


FusionLive™ Dashboard:

See your entire operation, including multiple locations at a glance, on your customized Dashboard.


24/7 Continuous Monitoring:

Rest assured knowing that your equipment temperatures are being monitored 24 hours a day.


Web & App Based:

Our software is both web based and App based, making it possible to view your operation virtually anywhere.


Daily Summary Reports:

View and print Daily Summary Reports of all your locations/assets and see the overall performance of your entire operation.


Great on Any Device:

View Your Operation 24/7/365 from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Our customers range from school districts (single or multi-site), medical facilities (hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies), pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacy stores (from one to thousands of locations), government and correctional facilities, individual and franchised or chain restaurants, colleges and universities, food manufacturers, warehouses, and OEMs.

Our Customers Include:


Installation Made Simple
It's as Easy as One, Two, Three!


One : Mount IntelliSensor on Any Equipment Requiring Monitoring


Whether you want to monitor temperature, humidity, door openings, CO2, ULT, LN2, compressor runtime, refrigerant leaks, dishwasher final rinse, differential pressure or power interruption, we have a sensor for all of your needs. Read More...


Two : Plug In IntelliGate™ (Ethernet Connection and Standard Power Outlet.)


Plug in the IntelliGate™ gateway with a standard power outlet and Ethernet connection. Every reading taken by an IntelliSensor™ is communicated wirelessly to the IntelliGate™. The IntelliGate™ processes all of the information and sends the data to the ECS secure cloud, where it can be viewed 24/7 on any computer, smart phone, or tablet. Read More...


Three : View Data and Receive Alerts in Real-Time


As soon as the IntelliSensors™ are mounted and the IntelliGate™ is plugged in, you will be able to view data and receive alerts in real time, as well as print various customizable reports. Data can be viewed from anywhere, at any time, and alerts can be sent via text, e-mail, or various other methods that the user defines. We even have a free App to view your data. Read More...


Connect to it All with Our IntelliCheck™ System


IntelliCheck™ is a complete HACCP inspection system designed to automate food temperature data logging and eliminate cumbersome form-based solutions. The patented system uses a Bluetooth wireless temperature probe with any Apple iOS or Android device. Read More...

Cloud Storage : 24/7 Access : Any Device


With E-Control Systems’ hosted solution in the cloud, all of your data is stored securely in the cloud and available for you to view 24/7 from any computer, smart phone, or tablet. Besides being able to view your operation from anywhere, at any time, some of the benefits of our hosted solution in the cloud include: (1) never having to worry about costly server space, or if your server goes down; (2) E-Control Systems can act as an extra set of eyes, should a problem arise; (3) No need to ever upgrade software. Read More...

For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your company, take a look at our Solutions.

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