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    Temperature Monitoring Answers

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    Thank you for your interest in E-Control Systems
    Our goal is to not only provide, but educate you about temperature monitoring. If you have a question not answered here, or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    How does your monitoring system benefit my operation?

    Our fully-automated system gives your facility the time to focus on the quality of your operations instead of the burdensome task of manually logging critical data that is needed to comply with many standards requirements. Additionally, our system will alert you before any critical failures, allowing you to take preventative measures and thus saving you a loss of inventory, as well as money.

    Is your system easy to install?

    Yes. Our system is easy to install. It’s all battery-operated wireless sensors.

    Is there a limit to the number of sensors that is supported by your system?

    No. Our system supports an unlimited number of sensors. It’s a modular system, so you can start out with a few sensors and then add on as your operation grows.

    Does E-Control Systems meet standards requirements?

    Our system complies with most standards requirements, including HACCP, The Joint Commission, AABB, GMP, FCC, and the FDA. In addition, NIST calibration is available.

    Can your products be NIST Certified?


    Can we recertify the products on-site?

    Yes. The products can easily be recertified on-site.

    How often can we obtain temperature readings?

    Our system default is set to transmit temperature readings every 15 minutes, but can be configured to suit individual customers’ requirements.

    Can your system provide multiple alarms at different times?

    Yes. Our system takes your specific needs into account. Not only can you set different temperature ranges, but you can specify what alarms should go off at what time of the day and who should receive the notifications.

    What range of temperatures can your system monitor?

    Our Standard probe can monitor temperatures from -40º C to 100º C. Our Ultra-low probe can monitor temperatures from -90º C to 32º C.

    Do you offer Cryogenic monitoring?

    Yes. We have a solution for Cryogenic monitoring.

    Do you offer sensors that monitor humidity?

    Yes. We offer a dual sensor that monitors both temperature and humidity.

    What kind of alarm notifications do you offer?

    Our system will alert you of any alarms via Email, text message, page, dry-contact relay switch, and audio/visual alarm.

    Can your system be configured so that people in each department only view their department, instead of the whole system?

    Yes. Our system can be configured providing different levels of access to different people or departments. For example, in a Healthcare setting, the system can be configured so that the Pharmacy Director only sees the Pharmacy operations, the Lab Director only sees the lab operations and the Director of Operations or maintenance crew can view the whole system, so that they can react to any alerts across the board.

    Does your system have an alarm escalation process, in case an initial alarm is not responded to in a set amount of time?

    Yes. The system can be configured so that each sensor has its own alarm escalation process. The configuration of this process can be set up with whatever rules the customer wishes.

    How can I view data and react to alarms?

    You can view data and react to alarms via any computer on the network, as well as any iOS Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android device.

    How do your Wi-Fi IntelliSensors operate?

    Our battery-powered IntelliSensors operate on the industry standard 802.11 b/g network.

    Do I need to set up a separate network for your system to work?

    No. The Wi-Fi IntelliSensor™ transmits data wirelessly through the customer’s existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure to the enterprise server software, FusionLive™.

    Are the Wi-Fi IntelliSensors complicated to integrate into our current system?

    No. The Wi-Fi IntelliSensors allow the customer to piggyback off their existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure, simplifying the implementation for the IT department.

    What kind of security encryption does your Wi-Fi system provide?

    WEP, WPA/WPA2 Personal, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise RC4, AES Encryption.

    Do you have another solution, if a Wi-Fi monitoring system is not allowed at our facility?

    Yes. We offer another solution based on the Zigbee wireless standard (IEEE 802.15.14).

    What frequency does the Zigbee wireless transmission use?

    Zigbee uses a 2.4 GHz frequency and has 16 channels to choose from around that frequency.

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