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    Remote Temperature Monitoring Solutions

    E-Control Systems (ECS) is the industry leader in complete wireless temperature monitoring solutions, with over 5,000 installs throughout the country. We offer a turn-key wireless temperature monitoring system over a broad range of industry applications.

    74% of all laboratories report loss of valuable research due to equipment failure.

    Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions

    At the heart of our solution is our patented IntelliSense™ technology, which provides various types of intelligent sensors to monitor virtually anything in a customer’s operation. Some of the things we monitor include: temperature, humidity, door openings, CO2, Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (ULT), Liquid Nitrogen Tanks (LN2), compressor runtime, refrigerant leaks, dishwasher final rinse, differential pressure, power interruption, and more.

    We also have our IntelliCheck™ HACCP Inspection System, to monitor your entire cook-line food temperatures, from receiving, to storage, to cooking, to serving. IntelliCheck™ also automates the execution of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with the IntelliSense™ system.

    FusionLive™ is our enterprise, web-based software package, which communicates and manages both IntelliSense™ and IntelliCheck™ devices. It is available with secure Application Programming Interface (API), which allows for easy integration with any existing enterprise facilities management software platform. The software is hosted in E-Control Systems’ secure private cloud, with server redundancy and automated system backups, ensuring that valuable data is never lost.

    Users can access their system via any computer, smart device, or tablet. Our free app is available to download from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store for use on any Apple or Android device. The software comes standard with an Asset Management Module, which includes the ability to track all assets, warranty information and equipment documentation, service records, costs, preventative maintenance scheduling, and alerts.

    Our system is completely expandable and custom-tailored to fit any operation, big or small. You can start out with a few sensors and keep adding more, as your operation grows. Since our team of engineers designed and developed every component of the system, including hardware, firmware, and our FusionLive™ Software, we are able to think outside the box and create custom solutions to meet all of our customers’ needs.

    Some of the industries that we service include:

    Customers range from school districts (one or multi-site), medical facilities (hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies), pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacy stores (from one to thousands of locations), government and correctional facilities, individual and franchised or chain restaurants, colleges and universities, food manufacturers, warehouses, and OEMs.

    Benefits of Remote Temperature Monitoring

    • Automatic Alerts

      Automatic alerts can be sent when temperatures reach excessive points, whether too high or too low.

    • Notifications for Change in Temperature

      Any change in temperature will alert the monitoring system, and you’ll get a notification about the rise or drop in temperature. This will help you correct the situation quickly, and possibly before loss of product quality.

    • Reports

      Remote temperature monitoring systems automatically generate reports that you can anylize trends and make changes accordingly.

    • Temperature Tracking

      There is no longer a need to manually track temperature fluctuations. With a remote temperature monitoring system, you can easily track changes in temperature, saving valuable hours for your staff.

    • Customized Indicators

      You can easily customize alert indicators for minimum and maximum thresholds based on the type of product you are monitoring.

    Remote remote temperature monitoring systems are the best way to go to avoid losses of your valuable inventory. What should be taken into account in selecting a remote temperature monitoring system?

    What to Look For In a Remote Temperature Monitoring System

    Reliable Analytics

    The data that your remote temperature monitoring system collects must be reliable. Faulty sensors or broken equipment can lead to false alerts and vague reporting data. Consistency over time guarantees the best results. If the data of your remote temperature monitoring system isn’t reliable, it can affect the quality of your product. It’s essential that your system is working all the time correctly.

    Over-Time Temperature Data

    Knowing the temperatures your products have gone through will help you to make informed decisions on their quality. Over-time temperature data is an objective source in the quality of your product. Over-time data will assist you in being better at preventing loss, managing incidents, and much more.

    Data is everything when you are monitoring the temperature of your products. A remote temperature monitoring system that produces the wrong information, defeats the whole purpose. Invest in a reliable remote temperature monitoring system so you can make the most of your analytics.


    A remote temperature monitoring system should be easy to understand. An average user should be able to monitor, analyze, and make the most of the remote temperature monitoring system without easily. Your remote temperature monitoring system must be easy to set up, troubleshoot, and continually customize to fit your needs. If your system is hard to configure, it will waste your time and money.

    Features of Remote Temperature Monitoring


    An excellent remote temperature monitoring system provides accurate information. You must pick a remote temperature monitoring system that suits your business so it can provide the most accurate readings to your requirements.

    Long Battery Life

    Remote temperature monitoring systems are meant to store and monitor data 24/7, so they must have long battery life. Newer systems have much longer long battery lives that last up to a year or even more. Regardless, you need to test the battery of the remote temperature monitoring system you are buying as everything depends on this.

    Large Storage Capacity

    Most remote temperature monitoring systems track warehouse or storage conditions over long periods. Remote temperature monitoring systems build up an enormous stockpile of data, which means that they need a significant storage capacity. Your remote temperature monitoring systems must have enough memory to store that data. Shortage in storage capacity can lead to data loss, which will cause issues with your operation.

    Wireless Data Transfer

    Data collection is an integral part of a remote temperature monitoring system. A strong remote temperature monitoring system must be capable of wirelessly transferring data. Wireless data transfer allows a person to access the data quickly without ever touching the remote temperature monitoring system itself.

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    E-Control Systems Features

    What makes E-Control Systems stand out? Our sensors and intelligates can monitor any aspect business 24/7.

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