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    Temperature Control & Monitoring Software For Food, Healthcare & More

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    FusionLive™ Web Based Server Software

    E-Control Systems’ FusionLive™ software is an enterprise, web-based, paperless solution and software package which communicates and manages IntelliSense™ and IntelliCheck™ devices. Changes or updates to any device are easily managed by automatic synchronization between FusionLive™ and any IntelliSense™ or IntelliCheck™ product. Support for third party hardware and software makes FusionLive™ the software of choice for remotely measuring anything from anywhere.

    Temperature Monitoring Software


    Users can choose a web and app-based, remotely hosted platform or a software-based, locally hosted platform. With the remotely hosted platform, you can view your operation 24/7 from anywhere, including a computer, a smartphone, or tablet. No software is required. With the locally hosted platform, you get a license for the software and all of the data is stored locally on your facility’s servers. All of the monitoring can be done through local computers connected to the network.

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    Mesh Routers
    App - Apple iOS / Android
    E-Control Systems Features

    What makes E-Control Systems stand out? Our sensors and intelligates can monitor any aspect business 24/7.

    Cell Phone Alerts
    FusionLive™ Dashboard
    24/7 Continuous Monitoring
    Web & App Based
    Daily Summary Reports
    Great on Any Device

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