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    Temperature Monitoring System for Refrigerated Trailers and Trucks

    How E-Control Systems Works for Refrigerated Trucks & Trailers

    At E-Control Systems, we specialize in providing temperature monitoring and data logging solutions specifically designed for refrigerated trucks and trailers. Our wireless sensors are strategically placed inside the vehicles to capture real-time temperature data of the cargo area and refrigeration unit. The collected data is wirelessly transmitted to a central monitoring system, where it is analyzed against predefined thresholds. If any temperature deviations occur, our system generates instant alerts and notifications to ensure timely intervention.

    Our solution offers remote monitoring, reporting, and seamless integration with existing telematics for fleet management systems. By leveraging our scalable and reliable solutions, transportation companies can maintain the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive goods throughout the journey, mitigating the risk of spoilage and ensuring regulatory compliance.

    E-Control Systems Features for Refrigerated Trucks & Trailers

    What makes E-Control Systems stand out? Our sensors and intelligates can monitor any aspect of your Refrigerated Trucks & Trailers business 24/7.

    Cell Phone Alerts
    FusionLive™ Dashboard
    24/7 Continuous Monitoring
    Web & App Based
    Daily Summary Reports
    Great on Any Device

    What Sets Our Refrigerated Trucks & Trailers Monitoring Apart from Other Options in the Market?

    E-Control Systems stands out from other providers when it comes to temperature monitoring solutions for trucks and trailers due to several key differentiators. Our wireless sensors are strategically placed to capture accurate and real-time temperature data, ensuring precise monitoring of cargo conditions throughout transportation.

    Our system offers a user-friendly interface with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to access real-time data, configure settings, and receive alerts from anywhere.

     Additionally, our scalable platform caters to fleets of various sizes and configurations, accommodating the specific needs of each transportation company. With our reliable and customizable solutions, E-Control Systems empowers transportation companies to optimize temperature control, ensure regulatory compliance, and safeguard the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo.

    Our Refrigerated Trucks & Trailers Customers Include:

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