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Just like we may be uncomfortable in high humidity, the surrounding environment can be effected as well. Any business that has items that can be effected by humidity, such as food, technical equipment, and other physical products, are susceptible to its negative effects.

How E-Control Systems Works for Humidity

E-Control Systems provides an effective solution for monitoring humidity levels. Our system uses sensors to continuously monitor the humidity in various environments and equipment.  Real-time data is collected and analyzed, allowing for proactive management. If any deviation occurs from the desired humidity range, instant alerts are triggered to designated personnel, enabling them to take immediate action and prevent potential damage to stored goods. The customizable alert mechanisms ensure quick responses and minimize risks associated with humidity fluctuations.

Our systems offer advanced features to support comprehensive monitoring and management of humidity. The solution includes data logging, reporting, and analytics capabilities, which enable the generation of detailed historical records and facilitate trend analysis. This allows businesses to identify patterns, make informed decisions, and implement strategies for optimizing humidity conditions. With E-Control Systems, companies can effectively manage and control humidity levels, ensuring the preservation of product quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

E-Control Systems Features for Humidity

What makes E-Control Systems stand out? Our sensors and intelligates can monitor any aspect of your Humidity business 24/7.


Cell Phone Alerts:

Receive Real-time alerts right on your cell phone, should any of your temperatures fall out of range, thus giving you an opportunity to avoid costly product loss.


FusionLiveā„¢ Dashboard:

See your entire operation, including multiple locations at a glance, on your customized Dashboard.


24/7 Continuous Monitoring:

Rest assured knowing that your equipment temperatures are being monitored 24 hours a day.


Web & App Based:

Our software is both web based and App based, making it possible to view your operation virtually anywhere.


Daily Summary Reports:

View and print Daily Summary Reports of all your locations/assets and see the overall performance of your entire operation.


Great on Any Device:

View Your Operation 24/7/365 from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

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What Sets Our Humidity Monitoring Apart from Other Options in the Market?

E-Control Systems' humidity monitoring solution stands out from other options in the market due to its unique features and capabilities. Firstly, our system offers comprehensive coverage and real-time monitoring of humidity levels. It continuously collects data through sensors, allowing businesses to proactively manage and maintain optimal humidity conditions. Instant alerts are triggered when deviations occur, enabling immediate action to prevent damage and ensure product quality.

Secondly, E-Control Systems provides advanced data logging, reporting, and analytics features. These functionalities enable businesses to generate comprehensive historical records, perform trend analysis, and identify areas for improvement. The solution also supports compliance with regulatory requirements and quality standards by offering detailed documentation and audit logs. Additionally, the remote access capability allows authorized personnel to monitor and manage humidity levels from anywhere, facilitating swift decision-making and intervention when necessary.

Our Humidity Customers Include:


Three Reasons for an Indoor Humidity Monitoring System:

  1. Preservation

    Monitoring the humidity of an environment is a basic step in the overall preservation of the materials it holds. Too much humidity leads to condensation, which in turn can then lead to corrosion. Besides the obvious physical damage to the environment that corrosion causes, it also can cause electrical shorts and other secondary issues. In the same note, if there is too little humidity there can be a buildup of electrostatic charge, and increased static electricity that can cause issues with computers and electrical equipment also.

  2. Mold

    Mold can not only cause issues with physical health but your physical goods that are stored also. The key to eliminating mold is moisture control. Start by cleaning any existing mold issue, and then removing the source of moisture. From here, maintaining the relative humidity between 30% and 60% percent will control the mold so it does not ruin your business property is essential.

  3. Processes

    Humidity effects air and all materials that come into direct contact with that air. Manufacturing, storage, and testing processes are dependent upon having the right humidity. Materials that must be stored while not in use are vulnerable to damage from improper humidity. If moisture levels rise or fall outside of this range, sterility of any medical equipment stored can be compromised and not suited for use.

The best way to ensure correct humidity is a remote temperature monitoring system such as E-Control Systems.

Businesses that can Benefit from Humidity Monitoring

  • Pharmacy – It is critical that a pharmacy is compliant with medication storage standards in order to ensure that all medications remain safe and effective.
  • Winery – If a wine cellar gets too dry, the corks shrink, which loosens the seal, allows air in and oxidizes the wine. Conditions that are too humid are also a problem as it can lead to mold growth and unpleasant smells in the wine.
  • Storage Facilities – People need to store a variety valuable things such as electronics, antiques, and artwork. Temperature and humidity monitoring options are a key selling point for a storage facility.
  • Restaurants/Grocery – To keep food safe for future consumption, a food bank can benefit from monitoring both the humidity and the temperature.
  • Nursery – When you have a variety of plants that come from different environments, you must have climate control in order for the plants to thrive.

For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for you take a look at our solutions.

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