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Laboratories require precise control of atmospheric conditions, humidity being one of the most essential. Laboratory humidity control systems are essential to keep labs running efficiently and properly. Here are some of the main reasons why humidity control is so important.

Laboratory Temperature and Humidity Control Standards

Airborne Infection Control

Working with different strains of bacteria in a lab can be risky and even dangerous if proper humidity control isn't met. Humidifiers regulate humidity. This ensures aerosols and other hazardous airborne materials cannot spread as easily. Proper humidity control is essential to the wellbeing of laboratory workers as well.

Equipment Protection

Laboratories usually demand a humidity to run properly. Proper humidity protects sensitive equipment from electrostatic discharges, and also reduces the risk of damage from excessive moisture buildup on the equipment. Humidity levels should usually be between 40 and 60 percent in labs to protect sensitive laboratory equipment.

Data Accuracy

Lab data is directly tied to the source bacteria and materials that are examined. If humidity in the environment is too low or high it can produce inaccurate results. Humidity conditions in your lab should be consistently maintained to ensure accurate data.

Energy Efficiency

Equipment in labs is abundant, and so is the power needed to run most labs. With regulated and consistent humidity control a laboratory's energy consumption can be greatly reduced, saving labs valuable resources for other needs.

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