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A successful drug or vaccine can take decades, and not uncommonly more than a billion dollars, to develop. With all of the cost associated with drug and vaccine development, it's imperative that they be stored properly. Temperature monitoring is the best way to ensure the safety of these life-saving drugs and vaccines.

Pharmacy Refrigerator & Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Optimal Temperatures for Drugs and Vaccines

Proper storage temperatures of Drugs and vaccines are not just recommendations. They’re requirements to ensure their effectiveness. Drugs and vaccines should always be stored and transported within a specific temperature range. This range is usually between 2° and 8°, or between 20° and 25°. (Always check for your specific product temperature range.)

While these products need to be kept at proper temperatures, it is of the utmost importance that drugs and vaccines be protected from freezing temperatures. Even a brief period of below freezing may cause drugs and vaccines to completely lose efficiency. Drugs and vaccines should always be maintained within their temperature range above freezing, but under their maximum temperature as well.

Maintaining Temperature Across All Operations

Drug makers, transporters, and sellers all measure the temperatures of their storage differently. There are not regulations across these operations. Some may have manual systems, and others full-scale temperature monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. While you cannot ensure what others do, it is always important that you ensure the maximum quality of your drugs and vaccines. Your drugs and vaccines are too valuable not to ensure that their temperatures being maintained at all times with up-to-date technology.

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