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Whether storing medical or biological components, trial samples or chemical compounds, it is vital that they are protected from straying outside of their strictly defined temperature ranges. Doing so would most likely render them useless and potentially impact your research. Consequently, having high quality temperature monitoring data is essential for regulatory compliance, whatever is being stored in the laboratory. Keeping materials at consistent and stable temperatures is crucial to the operation and success, which is why temperature monitoring systems are so important to every type of laboratory.

Lab Temperature Monitoring System - Equipment, Lab Freezers, Refrigerators

However, 44% of labs do not have a temperature monitoring system in place. Traditional methods of temperature recording are manual, time-consuming and usually fail to give the entire picture. In most cases laboratory staff must physically take readings and then enter them into spreadsheets, which means they spend hours carrying out checks and inputing data rather than their actual work.

Technology now provides a better solution to the manual alternative. E-Control Systems’ lab temperature monitoring system will capture the important data in your lab 24/7 through sensors within fridges, freezers and other equipment. The data then uploads to the cloud where anyone that has access can view it wherever they are. If temperature readings move outside predetermined ranges alerts can be sent to staff, at any time day or night, through warnings that you can get through text messages or your computer, smart phone or tablet. Alerts can also be used to let staff know when other items, such as maintenance or safety checks, are needed. E-Control Systems’ temperature monitoring systems is designed specifically to ensure that all of your laboratory procedures are carried out consistently.

Switching from manual recording to E-Control Systems’ temperature monitoring system will deliver five main benefits in your laboratory:


1. Continuous Data Recording

Our system is programmed to send out warnings and alerts when temperatures move outside of the zones you define. Lab staff can be contacted at any time day or night, and a response quickly organized. These alerts are particularly crucial for labs that are not staffed 24/7. Employees that are on-call can take swift action if any equipment stops working as it should. Continuous monitoring and data recording also give the advantage of anticipating any future problems, such as a slow rise in temperatures over a period of time, so action can be taken before any issues escalate further.


2. Increased Productivity

Highly trained and skilled lab staff still spend a great deal of time manually monitoring equipment every day. By automating the process their time spent doing this can be otherwise focused on the more important work they were trained to do. This improves efficiency and boosts productivity while not only still safeguarding samples, but doing so without human error.


3. Anticipate Malfunctions and Failures

Besides logging data, temperature monitoring systems can also warn you of an issue with your lab equipment before it happens. Alerts can be set to warn you if there is a power outage, your lab equipment needs maintenance, or when items like temperature slowly change, meaning that there is probably an issue with that piece of equipment.


4. Aiding Compliance

Laboratories are required to provide full electronic traceability across the cold chain. Additionally, medical laboratories need to comply with their own standards. Collecting the data for compliance manually is yet another time-consuming step, and there is always the possibility of human error as the data is entered into spreadsheets. Temperature monitoring systems automate the data collection process, while also ensuring it is available and in the right format. Furthermore, you have access to it 24/7 and while you’re away from you lab, which makes preparing for assessments much simpler, faster and more convenient.


5. View Your Data from Anywhere

Not only does our temperature monitoring system have access to the cloud to store your data, but it also has its own mobile app. Your data can be accessed by you, or anyone you give access, from any computer, smart phone or tablet. It can also be accessed from inside your lab, on a conference trip, or during a vacation anywhere in the world!

For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your lab take a look at our Life Science solutions.

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