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    Temperature Monitoring Methods in the Service Industry

    Safety is a priority when handling and storing food, and sometimes it can be daunting to control food safety through temperature. Here are some of the methods that restaurants and other service industry institutions use to maintain proper temperatures and maintain food safety.

    Service Industry Temperature Monitoring Methods

    Food and Equipment Temperature Thermometers

    Thermometers are the most straightforward method for monitoring freezer and fridge temperatures, with someone on staff manually collecting and recording temperature readings into a logbook. While this is a straightforward process, there are issues that make thermometers less than a desirable option. Initial cost of thermometers is very low, but the manual effort required of staff to check and record information every day relates to higher operating costs. In addition, logging data manually is a lot to keep up with, and very susceptible to human error.

    Chart Recorders

    Chart recorders have been used for decades, and are an antiquated way, to continuously record freezer and refrigerator temperatures. The charts can be saved and filed away to keep a comprehensive record of temperature. While they are reliable and easy to use, chart recorders do have some negatives such as changing out paper and keeping track of data manually.  Doing so is not only cumbersome, but the cost adds up as well.

    Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems

    Remote temperature monitoring systems, such as E-control Systems, are devices that measure and store temperature readings electronically. They offer continuous monitoring of refrigerator and freezer temperatures and can alarm when temperatures are out of specification.

    Remote temperature monitoring systems doffer the advantages of continuous monitoring, alarming, and electronic data storage. Remote temperature monitoring systems store an infinite amount of information that can be easily saved and retrieved for regulatory compliance. Some remote temperature monitoring systems have no wires or connections needed. With battery power they seamlessly connect to the internet and to a personalized data portal in the cloud. The portal allows users to monitor equipment in real time and to receive out of temperature alerts instantaneously.

    Remote temperature monitoring systems eliminates uncertainty caused by human error, stores data for years, continuously monitors equipment and alerts users of conditions by preset specification. Data is securely stored in the cloud and can be easily accessed for any health inspection and regulatory compliance.

    For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your food service business, take a look at our Food Service solutions.