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Temperature monitoring systems are invaluable assets in hospitals and medical facilities. They are essential in maintaining the daily operations. Variations in temperature readings, even the smallest, can make the difference between life-saving medications and pharmaceuticals.

Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring in Hospitals

Temperature dictates the ability of viruses, bacteria and fungal spores to not only survive but to thrive as well, so temperature control in hospitals is important due to the frequency and transmission of these. Exposure is hazardous for all such organisms during their journey between hosts. Factors such as temperature, humidity, light and even pollutants can inactivate free-floating, airborne infectious organisms. Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting virus survival, as it can affect the state of viral proteins and the virus genome.


Hospitals and other medical facilities are responsible for storing and administering medications in refrigerators and the like, food for patient care, maintaining the integrity of samples, and much much more. They need to do this all both efficiently and while holding to strict standards and guidelines.


Staff efficiency is key in hospitals and medical facilities. With so much consistently happening all at once there is little time for manually recording data. Not to mention the sheer number of items usually needing to be monitored. Logging items daily to ensure proper temperature can bring productivity to a halt.

Remotely monitoring and recording the temperature in these facilities is essential. It lets staff focus on the jobs they are trained to do, ensure all standards and guidelines are being upheld, and most importantly that all patients get the best and most safe care possible.

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