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If you don't have a temperature monitoring system, now may be the time to get one. If you're in the Food Service, Healthcare, Life Science, or Retail industry a temperature monitoring system can be absolutely essential for your operation. Many companies rely on a temperature monitoring system to uphold quality assurance, maintain operational efficiency, or meet regulatory compliance. Here are 3 signs that you need a monitoring system:

1. Your Assets Could be Ruined by Temperature Inconsistencies

In Life Science and Healthcare fields, temperature monitoring systems are essential. Precious assets such as vaccines or biological materials that have need to be in certain conditions for extended periods of time can be ruined. Temperature monitoring systems will also insure that any inspection you have will be a good inspection with no surprises. Lastly, your highly trained and skilled lab staff do not need to spend a great deal of time manually monitoring equipment every day. By automating the process their time spent doing this can be otherwise focused on the more important work they were trained to do.

Temperature monitoring systems are integral in helping data center infrastructure keep uninterrupted uptime. Excessive temperatures can cause a server room to malfunction. Temperature monitors also help control energy consumption when controlling temperatures. Equipment rooms that that have both older equipment which runs hot, and newer equipment that run cooler, can especially benefit from a temperature monitoring system.

Greenhouse, farms and grow operations are susceptible to problems from temperature fluctuation. Wrong temperatures impact plant development and an operation's total yield. Temperatures that are too low can impede the growth of the plants, too high can stress them, and temperature extremes of either too high or low will kill any plants. While many operations rely on their employees to physically monitor temperatures, but a temperature monitoring system is always working, and will send alerts automatically when temperatures fluctuate.

2. Areas of Your Operation are Remote or You Don't Have the Manpower to Cover Them.

You can't be everywhere all at once and all of the time. Hotels, hospitals, labs and office complexes all may have areas that aren't frequented or routinely maintained. These will benefit greatly from temperature monitoring systems as it can be assured that everything is running smoothly in these areas without being checked for extended periods of time. Many operations have areas such as pump stations or tank farms that aren't manned at all, and temperature monitoring systems can keep these areas under control as well.

3. Internal/External Regulations Require You to Maintain Temperature Records

Facilities handling vaccines, pharmaceuticals, tissue samples and other medical assets that must remain at certain temperatures need to follow best practices for storage. Their inventory must be in compliance with regulations and these must be proved when audited. Proper storage is critical for these items, and loss of potency due to improper temperatures can reduce the safety and efficacy of the assets.

A temperature monitoring system that includes a data logger solves these issues. Data is automatically stored that personnel can download, print and export for use in reports for internal and external regulators.

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