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We’ve all seen scientists on television wearing full body pressurized lab suits, covered in other safety equipment, or maybe working with something hazardous from a glass case with thick rubber gloves. If you have, then you’ve seen firsthand how scientists keep potentially dangerous things that they are working with (Such as microbes, bacteria, and viruses) inside the lab. The practice of safety is now more important than ever outside of the lab. While you may not have the same equipment, there are things you can do to stay safe.

While scientists have all of this equipment at their disposal, and systems such as temperature monitoring to help stop the spread of infections, you can do your part without these things to remain safe.

12 things you can do outside the lab to prevent the spread of infection:

  1. While in public, consider everything around you to be potentially contaminated.
  2. Wear a mask in public while there is a known infection that is spreading in your area.
  3. Stay home, especially if you are sick, and avoid groups of people to help stop the spread of any infections.
  4. Wipe down, avoid touching or wash your hands after coming into contact with “high-touch” objects in public spaces.
  5. Keep sanitizer on hand, especially when in public spaces.
  6. Keep eyes on your hands. Be aware of what you are touching, and know when to sanitize.
  7. Avoid placing your personal belongings down on surfaces in public spaces.
  8. Leave your shoes at the door when entering your house.
  9. Keep a minimum of 6 feet between you and another person.
  10. Wait until you get home to eat.
  11. Don’t touch others in public.
  12. Be responsible and help others to stay safe.

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