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Every piece of equipment in your medical lab has a specific and important role to play. When something breaks down, malfunctions, or doesn’t work as efficiently as it could, it can throw off every part of your labs routine. This is especially true for laboratory refrigerators and freezers, as they are such an integral part of every lab. Without a functioning and efficient cold storage unit, samples, vaccines, and other materials are in of being ruined. Ensuring your lab refrigerators and/or freezers are running properly is an essential task for every lab.

Q: Are your laboratory refrigerators/freezers running properly?

A: Yes.

Well you better go catch them!

Ok, we couldn’t help ourselves, but ensuring that your labs refrigerators and freezers are running properly is no joke! Many labs rely on their refrigerators and freezers to keep samples, and especially vaccines today, safely stored. If your laboratory refrigerators and freezers are running, but you aren’t keeping a close eye on the temperature, you are taking a chance on losing your valuable samples or vaccines to degradation or contamination. It’s important to monitor your refrigerators and freezers temperature. So, what can you do?

Invest in the Following for Your Lab:

  • Stand-alone laboratory refrigerators and freezers with enough space to accommodate your maximum inventory without crowding them
  • Install a remote temperature monitoring for every laboratory refrigerator or lab freezer in your lab that will let you know when there are temperature deviations or power outages.

A remote monitoring will help you stay connected to your critical environments and valuable lab materials—wherever you go. Remote temperature monitoring systems, such as E-Control Systems, help you connect to your data via any device. You can view your labs current temperature conditions anywhere and with a cloud-based interface. You also get notifications and alerts if anything is out of the ordinary. A remote temperature monitoring system is a must have for any lab.

For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your lab take a look at our Life Science solutions.

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