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    Three Reasons to Choose Wireless Over Manual Temperature Monitoring

    Whether you’re in charge of an operating room, clinical lab, or forensics, manual temperature logging is time consuming and very prone to error. A wireless temperature monitoring system does the job without all the man hours and with no chance of human error. If you need to comply with a set of rules that governs your facility a wireless temperature monitoring system is your best bet for success.

    Three Reasons to Choose Wireless Temperature Monitoring

    1. Automate Reporting Compliances

      No matter what type of facility you run, or what regulatory body your facility adheres to, temperature monitoring requirements are all unique. A wireless temperature monitoring system does the work for you, automating the process, and eliminating the need to manually log data entries. This not only saves labor hours, but eliminates human error, and allows your staff to perform the tasks they are trained to do.

    2. Avoid Waste of High Value Materials

      Samples that fall out of their normal temperature range can be compromised and even ruined. This will cause loss for your lab, but a wireless temperature monitoring system will give you the peace of mind that your assets are always being kept at the proper temperature and will remain at their best quality.

    3. Ensure Safety

      Temperatures in a lab must be precise for quality assurance. A wireless temperature monitoring system will ensure that temperatures stay in range, and that you will know if they fall out of range immediately so that samples are not compromised. Compromised samples not only mean a loss to your lab, but could also put patients at risk.

    FusionLive™ Operational IoT Smart as a Service® Platform

    E-Control Systems (, an industry leading provider of wireless temperature monitoring systems, released latest version of FusionLive™ IoT Platform, including a fully integrated newly designed dashboard specifically created in collaboration with some of the largest and most well respected Life Science Labs, Healthcare Facilities, College/Universities, K-12 schools, and QSRs.

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