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    Remote Temperature Monitoring in Hospitality

    According to the CDC an estimated 50 million people in the United States come down with food poisoning. Nearly 150,000 of these cases are hospitalized and around 3,000 die annually. Many of these incidents result from poor restaurant food safety, and can be prevented by remote temperature monitoring.

    Fridge and Freezer Temperature in Hotels and Hospitality

    All restaurant owners know the general precautions—eliminate cross-contamination, monitor allergens, exterminate pests, and good hygiene practices. Along with these they know that proper food temperatures is at the top of food safety priorities. Accurate temperature monitoring is the only way to eliminate temperature issues that can cause food poisoning. A remote temperature monitoring system takes human error out of the equation, while also letting your staff focus on what’s important… The food!

    E-Control Systems (ECS) offers a complete wireless temperature monitoring solution for the food service industry. Whether you are a school district, restaurant, processing plant, or operate any other food related business, we offer a fully automated enterprise-wide solution that makes it easy to monitor your entire food service operation, reduce inventory loss, and comply with HACCP requirements.

    E-Control Systems Allows Your Food Service or Retail Establishment to:

    • Access Temperature Data Anytime, and from Anywhere.
    • No more waiting for temperature readings.
    • Receive instant alerts so you can nip any problems in the bud.
    • Skip the human error factor.
    • Ensure more robust compliance at every step.

    With ECS, you have the flexibility to monitor a wide array of items based on your custom applications, including but not limited to:

    • Walk-In Coolers/Freezers
    • Reach-in Coolers/Freezers
    • Milk Coolers
    • Holding Units (Hot & Cold)
    • Under Counter Units
    • Dishwasher Final Rinse Temperature
    • Dry Storage
    • Power Interruption
    • Cook/Chill Units
    • Food Temperatures

    For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your food service business, take a look at our Food Service solutions.