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     . News  . Press Release | Jan 05, 2009

    Press Release | Jan 05, 2009

    E-Control Systems presents the newest technology in meeting HACCP compliance at the 2009 California School Nutrition Association Show.

    E-Control Systems, Inc. presents the newest technology in meeting HACCP compliance at the 2009 California School Nutrition Association Show

    Along with partners Lund-Iorio and MarketSmart Inc., E-Control Systems will display and demonstrate their HACCP compliant wireless monitoring systems at the 56th Annual CSNA Show in San Diego, CA January 9-10, 2009

    CHATSWORTH, CA, January 5, 2009 – E-Control Systems Inc., the industry leader in Wireless HACCP Monitoring Systems, with thousands of school installations throughout the country, will display both their IntelliSenseTM and IntelliCheckTM Systems in booth #735 at the upcoming CSNA Show at the San Diego Convention Center January 9-10, 2009.

    The IntelliSenseTM System monitors and records equipment ranging from walk-in’s, reach-in’s, milk coolers, warming cabinets, dishwashers, circuit breakers, compressor run times, and refrigerant leaks. A wireless sensor is mounted on or near the equipment where it transmits an extremely accurate temperature reading to an IntelliGateTM. The IntelliGateTM in turn, receives this information and transmits the temperature directly to your computer.

    This technology allows you access to temperature information from anywhere in the world there is an internet connection 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

    Additionally, the IntelliSenseTM System is equipped with an alarm notification so if a cabinet is underperforming and operating in a Temperature Danger Zone, designated individuals are notified via e-mail, cell phone, or pager of the problem. The alarm notification is extremely valuable as we all know Foodservice Equipment tends to break down after working hours.

    The IntelliCheckTM System measures food temperatures using a handheld PDA and wireless Bluetooth® Probe. You simply insert the probe into the food being checked, push the button on the probe to measure food temperatures, and the data is automatically uploaded to your computer through the PDA.

    The IntelliCheckTM System provides an extremely accurate temperature reading, corrective actions if the product being tested does not meet HAACP compliance, and most importantly, temperature accountability as the data is transferred and stored on your computer.

    E-Controls Systems, Inc. employs its own team of Engineers and Tech Support experts allowing greater flexibility in the design of software to fit the customer’s needs and prompt response with their ever present Tech Support Group.

    For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your business, take a look at our Temperature Monitoring solutions.