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     . News  . Press Release | Jun 19, 2009

    Press Release | Jun 19, 2009

    E-Control Systems introduces FusionLive™ software to its already successful IntelliSense™ and IntelliCheck™ Food Safety Monitoring Solutions.

    E-Control Systems, Inc. introduces FusionLiveTM software to its already successful IntelliSenseTM and IntelliCheckTM Food Safety Monitoring Solutions

    E-Control Systems, the industry leader in wireless temperature and HACCP monitoring for schools and healthcare, debuts FusionLiveTM – the next generation leading dashboard software for its industry leading wireless IntelliSenseTM and IntelliCheckTM HACCP monitoring solutions’ at the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, June 29 to July 2, 2009, Booth #765.

    CHATSWORTH, CA, June 19, 2009 — E-Control Systems Inc., the industry leader in wireless monitoring solutions, debuts FusionLiveTM – the next generation of innovative and advanced software for its wireless IntelliSenseTM and IntelliCheckTM HACCP monitoring solutions – at the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, June 29 to July 2, 2009, Booth# 765.

    FusionLiveTM was developed by E-Control Systems’ own team of engineers and built specifically to meet HACCP guidelines, the Joint Commissions (JCAHO), and FDA requirements. With thousands of installations across the country using E-Control Systems’ IntelliSenseTM and IntelliCheckTM solutions to monitor, test, and record both equipment and food temperatures, the introduction of FusionLiveTM software presents multi-level and organization-wide features and benefits that ultimately result in efficiency and savings related to energy, inventory, and labor.

    FusionLiveTM technology provides the operator with an automated paperless report that simplifies audits and inspections administered by the Health Department or JCAHO, is NAFEM Data Protocol registered, and supports the organization’s HACCP procedures.

    The FusionLiveTM dashboard provides the user with a snapshot of their entire operation in a single screen. The School Food Service Director and the Maintenance Managers can see activity and cabinet performance of the entire school district simultaneously, empowering them to react to alarm occurrences and incorporate corrective actions and preventative measures to enhance their operation. Click on a specific school to check location-based status, run a Daily Average Temperature or Alarm report, or graph temperatures to view trends. In addition to managing assets that require HACCP monitoring, FusionLiveTM assists the operation and maintenance managers in managing ALL the organization’s assets, including a preventative maintenance program. FusionLiveTM tracks asset details such as manufacturer, model and serial number, last service date, next service date, user manuals, and any comments pertaining to a specific asset.
    FusionLiveTM also has far-reaching benefits and features that extend to Healthcare and other segments. For instance in a hospital environment, the foodservice manager can customize their dashboard to include just the foodservice operation, while the pharmaceutical manager’s dashboard can be customized to include only the pharmacy, lab, nurse’s stations, blood banks, morgue, operating, exam, and emergency rooms.
    E-Control Systems has also incorporated FusionLiveTM software into the OEM segment integrating its software with a number of foodservice manufacturers including those that manufacture warmers, chillers, combi-ovens, and dishmachines, among others.

    Depending on the size of the operation, its needs, and budget, FusionLiveTM can be implemented as a hosted OR purchased solution. The software can expand as the organization’s needs grow. If the preference is to start small and have E-Control Systems host the software, the customer can later expand the system and consider the option to purchase FusionLiveTM software at any point.

    E-Control Systems, Inc. is a pioneer in the development and deployment of the innovative HACCP and JCAHO wireless temperature monitoring systems. With thousands of installations of the IntelliSenseTM and IntelliCheckTM wireless solutions and the new FusionLiveTM software, E-Control Systems provides any Food Service or related operation with a comprehensive system for monitoring the entire operation.

    For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your business, take a look at our Temperature Monitoring solutions.