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     . News  . Press Release | Sep 11, 2008

    Press Release | Sep 11, 2008

    E-Control Systems presents Hospital, Healthcare, and Foodservice Monitoring Solutions at HFM’s 20th Anniversary Conference at The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA.

    E-CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC. presents Hospital, Healthcare, and Foodservice Monitoring Solutions at HFM’s 20th Anniversary Conference at The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA

    Wireless temperature monitoring systems include IntelliSenseTM to monitor and record both Foodservice and Pharmacy equipment along with IntelliCheckTM HACCP Inspection System to monitor and record food product temperatures

    CHATSWORTH, CA, September 11, 2008 – E-Control Systems, Inc., the industry leader in meeting JCAHO, HACCP, & FDA requirements, is pleased to announce its family of wireless monitoring systems, IntelliSenseTM and IntelliCheckTM, utilizing its new FusionLiveTM software.

    IntelliSenseTM wirelessly collects all temperature and other critical control data points (i.e. humidity, door status, etc.) required for HACCP, JCAHO, and FDA recordkeeping. This automates and simplifies Healthcare Facility compliance, including 21 CFR Part 11 and HACCP, as well as JCAHO audits.

    Daily reports provide temperatures for all cabinets being monitored and an alarm notification system alerts customer-designated Healthcare, Foodservice, and/or Maintenance personnel of any cabinet that is in a Temperature Danger Zone. Alerts are sent via e-mail, cell phone, or pager based on customer preference.

    IntelliSenseTM is capable of monitoring cabinets such as Walk-In Coolers/Freezers, Reach-In Refrigerators/Freezers, and Warming Cabinets as well as Cook-Chill Systems, Pharmacy Storage Units, Blood & Plasma Banks, Operating Rooms, Dry Storage Areas, Dishwashers, Power Breakers, Refrigerant Leaks, and Compressor Run Times.

    By strategically partnering with Alto-Shaam, E-Control Systems also provides an exclusive and complete HAACP solution utilizing Kitchen Management, interfacing with Alto-Shaam electronic cook/hold ovens, hot food holding cabinets, combi oven/steamers, and quick chillers.

    With the IntelliCheckTM HACCP Inspection System, a web-based, handheld PDA and wireless temperature probe, food temperatures are recorded during preparation and holding. This compliments the IntelliSenseTM solution, together fulfilling Healthcare Foodservice HACCP, JCAHO, and FDA monitoring and compliance requirements.

    IntelliCheckTM affords the Healthcare Foodservice professional peace of mind that 1) food temperatures recorded by the wireless Bluetooth IntelliProbeTM & PDA are accurate; 2) immediate corrective actions are displayed so that operators can ensure the product is safe for consumption; 3) there is accountability built-in through automation and elimination of outdated, hand-written forms; and 4) data is easily accessible, reaping the benefits of an environmentalfriendly, paperless, computer-generated report.

    “Managing HACCP/Food Safety through a single platform is a vital need for any commercial Kitchen,” says Dr. Gideon Zeidler of the University of California, Riverside and Chairman of the Institute of Food Technology (IFT) Foodservice Division. According to Dr. Zeidler, “Integrated solutions such as the FusionLive platform are the future of HACCP/Food Safety monitoring.”

    E-Control Systems will present its IntelliProductsTM and JCAHO/HACCP/Food safety solutions to HFM conference attendees, including:

    • IntelliCheckTM – A complete, web-based, handheld PDA and wireless IntelliProbeTM system for taking product temperature readings, managing and deploying HACCP inspection programs for the foodservice industry, including a corrective action system for ensuring operators fix problems upon detection
    • IntelliSenseTM – A family of low-cost, wireless temperature, door, humidity, pressure, compressor run-time operation, and leak monitoring solutions for monitoring in refrigeration and warming equipment with 24-7 alerts and JCAHO reporting capabilities
    • IntelliBreakerTM – Wireless sensing device for monitoring circuit breakers and power lines to detect power outages, preventing food spoilage through prompt intervention and corrective action
    • IntelliCartTM – Wireless temperature monitoring system for food carts, portable stations and equipment used while transporting food items between various locations
    • IntelliControlTM – A web-based solution for monitoring and control of Scotsman Ice Machine units in multiple locations with Prodigy remote-access modules
    • IntelliTrackTM – A logging device for temperature data collection, ideal for monitoring temperatures during transportation, for example, from central to satellite kitchens
    • IntelliRinseTM – A pioneering, wireless dishwasher rinse temperature monitoring solution for either new or existing dishwasher upgrades
    • IntelliQuipTM – HACCP monitoring of NAFEM Data Protocol compliant foodservice equipment [i.e. combi-ovens, blast chillers, food carts, warmers, etc.]
    • IntelliMonitorTM – A solution for monitoring food temperatures at prep tables, food wells, and other stations

    For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your business, take a look at our Temperature Monitoring solutions.