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     . News  . Press Release | Sep 09, 2013

    Press Release | Sep 09, 2013

    E-Control Systems Releases Application Programming Interface (API) for the Latest Revision of its FusionLive™ Monitoring Software.

    E-Control Systems Releases Application Programming Interface (API) for the Latest Revision of its FusionLiveTM Monitoring Software

    E-Control Systems, the industry leader in wireless temperature monitoring and asset management solutions for Life Science, Healthcare, Foodservice, and Transportation/Refrigerated Truck markets, announces the release of its Application Programming Interface (API).

    SHERMAN OAKS, CA, September 9, 2013 — E-Control Systems, the industry leader in wireless temperature monitoring systems, announces the release of the latest revision of its FusionLiveTM software with Application Programming Interface (API). The secure program enables easy integration with any existing enterprise facilities management software platform.

    Developing a good API is an important service to customers. It opens up the system to work in conjunction with a company’s software infrastructure, instead of separate and apart from it. Having an API is also a good way to support unanticipated future uses.

    FusionLiveTM External Framework API has been designed with our customers in mind. All components have been written using standards-based Web-API and XML, making integration easy. With only limited resources, a developer can create a meaningful application in a matter of 2 hours. The API also comes with a sample application showing how to use some of the most common features.

    According to Avi Bernstein, President and CEO of E-Control Systems, “The API revision was created, driven by requests from our loyal customers, to help integrate our monitored data to their existing facility management system. We created an API module that can be configured in just a few hours to communicate with any software platform.”

    The integration of the FusionLiveTM database to enterprise facility management systems, such as building automation, energy management, HVAC controls, and maintenance/preventative maintenance systems, provides an all-in-one system. This integrated system can provide alarms and reports in real time to improve the efficiency of the operations and save a tremendous amount of time and money, without having to invest in a new platform.

    FusionLiveTM provides substantial advantages to the Healthcare and Life Science Laboratory, as well as Foodservice environments by automating the collection of FDA required data and simplifying Title 21 CFR Part 11, The Joint Commission, and HACCP compliance. E-Control Systems’ solutions improve operational efficiency, prevent costly inventory losses, and eliminate labor-intensive documentation. FusionLiveTM monitors facilities 24/7 and sends alarm notifications for ultra-low to high temperature ranges as well as humidity, differential pressure, and other critical points throughout the operation. From Pharmacies to Laboratories to Nutrition Services, E-Control Systems has a solution for virtually any facility.

    For more information about what E-Control Systems can do for your business, take a look at our Temperature Monitoring solutions.